I picked up a used delta 37-280 jointer at a yard sale, looks good, and it seems to work OK. But the cutter head does not seem straight as it holds the cutters in place.

The outer edges of the cutterhead are bent slightly outward (maybe too much pressure from tightening the hold down screws?). The knives must bend toward the head as the screws are tightened on both ends of the head. Some knives need to bend more that others (3 knife cutterhead)) I assume this is not a factory condition, and the head is deformed?? but not sure.

I have tried to find a replacement cutter head (part no 1342345) but no luck so far. If this item is no longer available, what kind of fix is recommended if any?

This is the jointer that does not have an adjustable outfeed table. The knives must be adjusted level with the outfeed table. Not an easy task, any suggestions on a good way to do this adjustment would be appreciated.