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Thread: Delta 10" table saw motor problems.

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    Default 5 stars Delta 10" table saw motor problems.

    In wonderful fashion, I've decided to try to fix my 21 year old Delta table saw; a couple weeks ago in the middle of a project of rebuilding my fireplace mantel, the motor died. Froze up. All my troubleshooting points to bearings gone bad, particularly on the armature shaft

    Model number on the machine is a 34-670; pat number on the motor is 1313314, which now cross-references to a 906297. At about $275.00 per, I'm trying to just replace the bearings. (& brushes & belt while I've got it apart).

    So, parts are on order, but in the meantime I need to get the toothed gear/pulley off the shaft, as well as the old bearings. Clearance between the pulley & the housing is too small for a cheap-o gear-puller's fingers.

    Anyone got any bright ideas about how to do this? Or (how to find) a local machine shop & maybe how much to offer them to pull it off, and press the new bearings in place?

    Thanks, in advance,
    Chuk Gleason
    Cary, NC.

    >>DESPERATELY<< wanting my baby fixed.....

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    Default toothed pully

    Hey Chuk,
    Ouch..you do have to be careful on this one..heating the pulley with a small torch as you pry up underneath with two large screwdriver tips may do the trick..[with the snap ring removed]..However, most repair shops have special tools and pullers along with magical repair powers for this and may be the best way to go..[you don't want to damage or break the pulley or housing.!] If you do find a local or a fairly close repair shop..the charges should be around $100.00 parts and labor respectively..[your search should include power tool repair or anyone that repairs small electric motors..you can also look for an authorized Dewalt service center as they own Delta/ Porter Cable now..]
    if you need parts..they are avail at ereplacementparts.com..
    hope this is helpful..

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    Well, authorized Delta/DeWalt repair center is on the other side of town from me, and closes at 5:00PM. I was all prepared to stop in there one day last week, but the service call I was on took much longer than expected.

    Yeah, I just have to find a local shop to do the removal & restoring of the bearings, & gear/pulley. I guess in the meantime I can continue staining & finishing my mantel woodwork. Maybe have it done by wife's b-day.

    there is a truck repair shop next to where I work; wonder if they could do this for me? hmmm, deep thoughts.....

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    I had similar problem on a small electric motor. I found a starter/generator repair shop that removed the old parts and pressed in the new ones a reasonable price. Give this a try.

    I have the same model saw and I have some parts issues. Maybe you could help?
    Look for my posting.

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