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Thread: How do you replace fuel lines in a Poulan 2075 chain saw?

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    Default How do you replace fuel lines in a Poulan 2075 chain saw?

    I want to replace the fuel lines in my Poulan 2075 chain saw when I replace the primer bulb. How is this done?

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    It's fairly simple if you are somewhat mechanically inclined however there are some small parts so pay attention to what you are removing. Start by getting the right size fuel line, fuel filter and primer bulb. Drain the fuel out of the gas tank, pump the primer bulb a few times then drain the remainder out of the tank. Take the top cover off to expose the air filter (3, T20 or T25 torx screws). Remove the air filter by simply un-clipping it, this will reveal some more torx screws to remove the carburetor. Lift the carburetor up, open the fuel cap (to release pressure) and then simply pull on the fuel lines to remove them from the carburetor (you may need to get a flat tip screw driver for leverage to get them off). In the gas tank you will need to get a wire hook to grab the fuel line, pull it out of the filler hole and remove the fuel filter. Now back by the carburetor you can pull the fuel line through the top. Replace it with your new fuel line and thread it through the hole, pull it out the filler hole and put the new fuel filter on. The primer bulb and its lines are to the left of where the carburetor is so do the same with the lines running to that, the primer bulb just unclips to remove from casing. I like to do one line at a time so you don't mix up there sizes or make any mistakes. Once you have all 3 lines and the primer bulb you can go ahead and put it back together.
    That should be all.
    Good luck!

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