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Thread: Poulan fuel lines diagram

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    Default Poulan fuel lines diagram

    I have a Poulan 2075 chain saw. My fuel lines are crumbled and I cannot determine the proper connections. Should there be a filter attached to the line in the fuel tank? Where can I get a complete fuel line diagram?

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    I couldn't find a diagram. Begin with the large line from the Primer Bulb. It goes to the upper right entrance into the tank. Inside the tank it connects to a little bulb stop. It may still be connected to the line entrance. With needle nose pliers, reach inside the tank and pull this bulb out. Replacing a new line to the large Primer line feed is difficult.

    Next is the small tube from the Primer Bulb to the Carburetor. That's pretty simple. Finally, a long small fuel line with a fuel filter inside the tank goes to the plastic connection above the Carburetor. This one is tough to install. You need about 2 feet of line to be safe. Trim 2" off one end. This tube inserts from the left of the Carburetor into the tank. Insert the trimmed end. With needle nose pliers, reach inside the tank and pull the tube in. You may want to lubricate the line with oil or soap. Pull 7" of line through, then replace the filter and put in back into the tank into an elongated area towards the front of the tank. You need enough line inside the tank so it can move freely inside the tank. Trim off the excess line and connect to the black plastic inlet. If you need a Primer Bulb, don't worry about the tube inlets differing from the old Primer. Just plug the new tubing onto them. They'll work just fine.

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