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Thread: Shindaiwa T230X dead won't start

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    Default Shindaiwa T230X dead won't start

    Howzit - first post here.

    I bought this trimmer about 9 years ago and it's been a workhorse.

    The other day it stopped in the middle of a job and here's what I've done to no avail:

    - took apart the carb, used carb cleaner and blew it out with compressed air. That had worked many times over the years, but not this time

    - so I bought a rebuild kit for the carb and installed it. I've done many carbs and have dissasembled/cleaned this one several times, but this was the first time I bought the kit with new gaskets, needle and such. Nope.

    - cleaned the spark plug and re-gapped it

    - tried a visual spark test - took out the plug and ran a wire with alligator clips to ground the threads of the plug and when I tried to start it there was a very decent size spark

    - sprayed starter fluid in the carb hole with the throttle open and tried to start it

    - took out the spark plug, sprayed some starter fluid in there and put the plug in real fast and tried to start it

    - took off the muffler and tried to start it.

    - took the flywheel off to see if it had turned and but it looks like the flywheel key is in perfect shape - it hadn't turned.

    - the on/off switch and the grounding wires that go to the ignition module were removed years ago (I stop the unit by unplugging the spark plug wire - ya, I know... ) but at least I know that it isn't a fault in that system. There's ample spark.

    - phoned the dealer and he thought maybe it was seal (?) I've looked at the seals at the ends of the crankshaft and they look fine and there's no signs that gasoline had been leaking from them

    - the throttle seems to be operating as it should

    - got new gas & mixed it to the right specs

    - inspected the gasket between the head and the rest of the unit - looks ok

    I've been working on cars a long time, and the timing is right, it feels like there's lots of compression, there's a good spark and I spray starter fluid in there and crank it, knowing there's a good spark (I even got a good shock testing it) and there's not even 1 fire?

    Any ideas would be most appreciated.
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    Follow up:

    Well. 8 pm, spent the last few hours taking it apart as far as I dare... cleaned everything and put it back together and it works...

    The only thing I can figure is that it was a combo of problems... the only thing I really did differently this time was that I cleaned (lightly sandpaper'd) the place where the ignition pick's up the signal, the magnet... on the flywheel and ignition side.

    Kinda stumps me but it I will see tomorrow if it's for real when I cut my lawn.

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    Nope, won't start.

    update: started after trying for a l-o-n-g time, so I used it to do my lawn and it worked great. When I shut it off, I immediately tried to restart, and it did on the first pull.

    Let it cool down for an hour and then it wouldn't start. Checked the spark and it was consistently good.

    Tried and hour later and on pull 5 or 6 it started.

    Did a compression test and got a 75lb reading. The unit feels real strong when it works, so that tells me the piston rings and basic mechanical part is good.

    I'm thinking carb - maybe I should buy a new one - saw one on eBay for $60 or so.
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    Default solution = new rings for $11

    I know I'm talking to myself here but I'll post a follow up for the next guy.

    I phoned a lawn repair place and talked to the repairman, he's who I bought it from. Also found a brief repair pdf on line on it from Shindaiwa.

    Apparently, 75 lb was way low. So I got new rings from the dealer for $11 and since I've spent time on the unit recently it only took about 1/2 hour to put them in and guess what?

    started on the first pull

    I would never have thought about putting new rings in it, and for sure, it would be much better if I bought a new head and piston for $150, then the compression would be like new.

    I might even do that later as it would beat buying a new one for $350.

    But for now it appears I've got my trimmer back and it works great seeing as I rebuilt the carb on the way to finding the problem.

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