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Thread: Poulan chainsaw how to hookup the fuel lines and vent line?

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    Default Poulan chainsaw how to hookup the fuel lines and vent line?

    The line all fell apart and need to know where they all go?
    Im also replacing the prime bulb. I have the fuel line in tank with filter
    install, that was a trick but got that.
    Now the prime bulb says the fuel line goes to the short pipe on it and then
    the other pipe goes to the carb but which one, top or bottom.
    The what hooks to the other tubing coming off the carb.
    Where does the vent line coming from the tank go?
    Hope someone can help. Need some help!!!!!!!
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    Default Fuel lines

    Has anyone ever put new fuel lines on this chainsaw?
    Would like to get this back running.

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    Default gas lines

    If you get this back together ,please enter any suggestions ,I know a lot of fuel ines are giving up the ghost ,,,,,,
    One idea i have heard is boil em in water to soften them up ,add/or put ArmorAll to em to help with uv and deteration,,,,,,,,,lots of luck ,,,,,,,,a fuel line that would not degenerate would be a good idea ,,but then you would not sell new saws .....reckon?
    caution when using a ligther to warm em up ,,,,,,,,gas explodes

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    Default Fuel replacement

    I have the fuel line installed in the tank. It was a little tricky. You cut the line on
    a angle to put it through into the inside of the tank. Then I use a sharp hook
    tool used for gasket repairs. I was able to stick the sharp hook tool into the hose
    and then pull it through the hole until I can get it grab it with my hand.
    Then I cut the fuel line for proper length for when its pulled back into the tank
    with a short length of tubing attach to the fitting then to the filter.
    I then pull the whole thing back into the tank and thats it for the tank line.
    The fuel line is real tough stuff and you can pull on it without breaking it.

    I think I hook it up to one side of the prime bulb the from the prime bulb
    back over to the carb on one of the pipes coming out from it.
    Not sure which one. Then the vent line needs to hooked up too.

    Im still working on it. Im going to work on it. Im going to try diffrent ways and Im sure
    I will find the right way to hook these lines up.
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    Did you ever figure this out? I just had primer bulb break and in removing it, the fuel line are all deteriorated. Do you need to take the top off to gain access to where these lines go?


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