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Thread: Carb replaccment on Echo PB-260L

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    Default Carb replaccment on Echo PB-260L

    After 6 or so years my Echo PB-260L developed symptoms of not wanting to run at anything other than idle speed. Giving it any throttle just resulted in it dying. I did take it to a shop and they suggested that it needed a carburetor. Indicated that there was corrosion present and that it is a typical issue with the ever present amount of Ethanol in Gas. At any rate they wanted $200 to replace the Carb. Since I can likely replace the entire machine for $300 - this did not seem reasonable. Question: Is the replacement of the Carburetor on the PB-260L truly as easy as unbolting the old one, and bolting on the new one?

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    Hello 1180861,

    For the Echo PB-260L there are a few different carburetors depending on the serial number. Make sure you locate the serial number on your unit before ordering any part. To answer the question you have regarding removing the carburetor. We have prepared an article and video that I think will help you with this repair. Here is the link to it.

    How to Fix a Blower Carburetor

    Hope this helps,

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