Yeah yeah I know it's a cheapo saw, but it has served me well over the last 6-7 years of ownership and still works good and is as true as it was when I bought it (albet the original blade was garbage thus replaced immediately and the all the plastic knobs have broken, but that's nothing a handy replacement bolt and a tethered adjustable wrench can't fix). Problem is a few weeks ago I was building a shed with it and a piece of lumber kicked back and flew up and hit the plastic blade guard thus shattering it. Scared the dickens outta me but other than the guard no damage to the saw. Well, been looking for this guard all over the web and have had no luck. I ended up buying a new 12' Rigid with the stand and all the fancy stuff because I really didn't like the idea of running the GMC without a guard particularly noting the fact that the saw doesn't have a brake on it. None the less, I'd like to see what it would cost to get the guard assembly. If the guard is reasonable I'll fix the saw and keep it around, but wanted to figure out if it was worth it. Thanks